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Launching Soon: TUTOR: Trial of Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release vs. Traditional Open Release

The first multicenter randomized control trial in the United States comparing the efficacy and safety of carpal tunnel release using real-time ultrasound guidance with traditional mini-open carpal tunnel release. Read more about the TUTOR study design, timing, clinical investigators, and members of the data safety monitoring board.

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About Sonex Health

Founded in 2014, Sonex Health’s mission is to be the world leader in ultrasound guided surgery by delivering physicians innovative therapies that reduce invasiveness, improve safety, and reduce the cost of care. With a strong focus on entrapment neuropathy, Sonex Health’s first proprietary technology — developed by Dr. Darryl E. Barnes and Dr. Jay Smith at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic — is UltraGuideCTR (formerly referred to as SX-One Micro-Knife), which may be utilized with or without ultrasound guidance to perform carpal tunnel release. Sonex Health’s second proprietary technology is UltraGuideTFR, for the treatment of trigger finger, also known as stenosis tenosynovitis.

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About the institute of advanced ultrasound guided procedures

Founded in 2018 to support the Sonex Health mission and clinical excellence, the Institute of Advanced Ultrasound Guided Procedures is focused on innovation supported by robust clinical research and world-class professional education and training that transforms the treatment experience for patients, providers and payers. For more information about the Institute visit